Ninja Game

Sem. 3 Project | Standalone Game

Tools:  Unity 3D, C#

Done in:  2011

Team size:  4

The Project

Ninja Game is a top down stealth game.

The goal is to reach the end of each level without being spotted by the guards
who can both see and hear you
unless you stand still or sneak.

You can also try to distract the guards by throwing a stone to create a sound they will investigate.

We created the entire game within 3 weeks.

My role in Ninja Game

I was responsible for programming / scripting.

I created the classes, such as the Guards and the Ninja itself, set up the game logic and rules for being seen or heard,
a simple custom keyframe animation system for the characters and a waypoint - based movement system for the guards.

That system allowed our Level Designer to have them move in different patterns and look around in predetermined places.

It uses the A* pathfinding script by Aron Granberg as its foundation, i integrated it into our code.