Abandoned House

Visualization | Homework

Tools:  Left 4 Dead SDK | Hammer Editor

Done in:  2009

Abandoned House was the topic for the homework that was part of the application process for the Game Design course of studies at HTW Berlin.

I wanted to show the contrast between a modern house in its intact state the moment it was left by its inhabitants, and the long abandoned, overgrown state some decades later. In order to do that, i created two versions of the house.

I chose Left 4 Dead because i knew it had all the textures and assets i needed for the task. It took me three and a half weeks to finish, excluding the time spent to get familiar with the Hammer level editor.

First Outbreak

Left 4 Dead Survival Map

Tools:  Left 4 Dead SDK | Hammer Editor

Done in:  2009

After finishing Abandoned House, i decided to keep working on it in order to create a fully playable Survival Map. I wanted to give the map the impression as if the inhabitants were trying to prepare the house for a siege, but did not finish the preparations in time, so they were forced to pack up and leave.

I shifted the lighting into a nighttime setting, both for the mood and to make it harder to shoot Infected at long range. I added a basement, level borders, filled the skybox and went through all the steps to make the map work and play well, such as performance optimization, creating the navigation mesh and making sure that the Infected had multiple access routes to every possible spot the Survivors might chose to set up their defense.

For that i added breakable walls, enough visual cover for the Infected to spawn, as well as a small sever system below the street that only the Infected can use.

After some playtesting, i moved the main gun and ammunition supply spot out of the house and into the trunk of the police car on the street in order to increase the difficulty.